"The company culture and team at QTV makes them a great partner to work with on any project. The team felt like an extension of our own with so much positive energy and a can-do attitude. They were always available to work with us on solutions and knew they had the best team deliver our ambitions."

Normally a massive multi-stage festival in the heart of London, Cog X is the Davos of emerging tech.

In 2020, in the midst of the first UK lockdown, Cog X appointed QTV to provide a full-scale virtual production. The three-day super-conference involved producing and livestreaming thirty-six concurrent conference stages, featuring over 1,000 speakers and moderators including royalty, politicians, and business leaders.
In an ample demonstration of the value of remote production workflows, over 1,200 hours of live content was delivered by an international crew of 83 broadcast and event professionals all working from home. This event has subsequently been recognised as the largest virtual event of its kind held anywhere in 2020.
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