Remote Production

Clydesdale House is Scotland’s first fully remote production facility, hosting two twelve-camera galleries, and four six-camera PCRs. This robust and fully redundant facility operates 24/7 and includes off-tube commentary and VO facilities. It enables lower operational costs and improves working conditions for staff, freelancers and talent.

REMI workflows minimise on-site broadcast operations and reduce QTV’s production-associated carbon footprint by up 40%, without compromising on high broadcast standards.

Utilising BT’s IVNP and ADVA video and data over IP infrastructure, QTV transports J2K video signals, intercom and tally to and from site with negligible latency to deliver over 150 Scottish Premiership football matches per season.

In addition, QTV has expanded to the EFL, partnering with Cingularity to enable remote productions via IMG in London. A platform agnostic approach also utilises LiveU, Haivision, and Mobile Viewpoint encoding and decoding solutions for remote productions from around the world.

Email us to find out more about our remote production services. 

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