“QTV has demonstrated enthusiasm, flexibility and competence in delivering world-class outside broadcasts from our events around the globe. World Archery’s partnership with QTV works because of open communication, a common goal, and a willingness to test the boundaries of traditional production and delivery. Their innovative approach has opened doors for the sport, increasing worldwide reach, while simultaneously increasing engagement with established fans through social platforms."

QTV has worked with World Archery for three years to produce all elements of their Hyundai Archery World Cup and World Championships coverage, including outside broadcasts and satellite distribution from China, USA, Colombia, Turkey, and Europe. 

QTV produces broadcast highlights, features content, VNR highlights, and social clips, to deliver a consistent high quality of content across the season for all international takers. Since working with QTV, World Archery has enjoyed a 300% increase in television audiences.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, QTV and World Archery have innovated with a series of remotely produced events with archers competing with opponents in other countries. This innovative partnership has been rewarded by high fan and broadcaster engagement with World Archery’s content throughout the pandemic. 

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